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Visual Arts

An Overview of Visual Arts

At ICEF Public Schools, we prepare students for cutting edge creativity and 21st Century learning in the arts. Our kindergarten through twelfth grade visual arts program focuses on both fine arts and digital media lessons. Elementary and middle school students across our schools receive sequential studio based art classes, which are connected to the works of historical and contemporary artists. Our visual arts curriculum focuses on creative processes, inquiry and expression. Students are also taught technical skills in traditional drawing, painting, sculpture and design.


Art instruction is aligned with the California Visual Arts Standards as well as the National Common Core Visual Standards, and addresses the core elements and the principles of art. Through the course of a year, students study art history, learn techniques specific to art disciplines, create art using diversified mediums, formulate artist statements, and display their work in public art shows.  Student work is proudly exhibited annually at our All ICEF Visual Arts Show, the Congressional Arts Competition, a juried art show, as well as community-unifying student art exhibits at South Bay Contemporary Art Gallery.



High School Visual Arts

As students progress into high school, our visual arts curriculum expands to include Art I, Advanced Art, AP Studio Art and Online Journalism. We prepare students to analyze and produce media, and equip students with hardware/software skillsets to compete in the digital age. We also work with local arts organizations to connect our students to career pathway opportunities in the arts and to arrange for classroom visits with teaching artists.  All high school visual arts classes are "UC approved" and contribute to a student's pathway to college.