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Visual Arts

Visual Arts

At ICEF we prepare students for cutting edge creativity in the twenty first century. Our Kindergarten through twelfth grade Visual Arts program encompasses both fine arts and digital media lessons. As a valued core subject, elementary and middle school students across ICEF Public Schools receive sequential studio based art classes, which are connected to the work of historical and contemporary artists, their lives and careers. The scope of our visual arts lessons focuses on creative processes, inquiry and expression. Students are also taught technical skills in traditional drawing, painting, sculpture and design. As students progress into high school, our curriculum expands to include New Media classes such as Online Journalism. We prepare students to analyze and produce media as well as learn hardware/software skillsets to compete in the digital age and career pathways for traditional fine arts. Our students’ work is exhibited in juried art shows, as well as community-unifying art exhibits at local arts galleries and arts organizations. Students also receive classroom visits from competitive arts colleges.


Fine Arts:  Students study art history, learn techniques specific to art disciplines, create art using diversified mediums, formulate artist statements, and display their work in public art shows. In addition to aligning art lessons with the California Visual Arts Standards, as well as the National Common Core Visual Arts Standards our teachers create lessons rooted in the art elements and

Traditional Arts: From a generalized overview of the Visual Arts to very rigorous intensive Drawing and Painting classes, including AP Studio Arts, students K-12 all receive some form of visual arts instruction. Students study art history, create a variety of art, learn specific techniques, formulate artist statements, and display their work among their peers in gallery settings. The elements of visual art including space, shape, form, color, composition along with learning to see and create dimensional drawing and painting are taught.

Animation Production: The ICEF animation program draws from the traditions of classic 2d animation while looking ahead to the future. Students learn the foundations, techniques, and history of animation, from Windsor McCay to Pixar. Students learn different forms of animation including drawing, cut out paper animation, pixilation, and stop motion. In the advanced course students study storytelling, filmmaking, and create a production pipeline to make their own animated short films, PSA’s and music videos.

Digital Filmmaking: Students learn how to create short films in all it’s phases from script writing, pre-production, casting, directing and setting up shots, to post production, editing and final film presentation. Strategic partnerships with the Los Angeles Academy of Media Technology, who with ABC/Disney, provide a nuts and bolts introduction to the world of filmmaking. Work from View Park Prep High School can be seen here.

Graphic Design: Everything we see and use from the digital realm to print, from sketch to final product is some form of design. This class focuses on graphic design and the elements of design. Students learn about the uses of type, fonts and layout along with the uses of shape, form, color, and composition. With the idea of learning through design, students learn to problem solve creatively in a variety of media.