ICEF's Mission

ICEF's mission is to educate and empower courageous leaders to embrace their full potential for college, career, and life by providing a community that honors each student's unique identity, fosters academic excellence, nurtures healthy minds, and inspires critical thinkers.

ICEF, which stands for Inner City Education Foundation, operates 7 schools, educating over 2,500 students in grades TK through 12. ICEF was one of the first charter school management organizations in Los Angeles and has become a leader in raising to competitive levels the achievement of Black and Latinx/e students in the state of California.

ICEF started with a vision to create a college-bound network of public schools and has delivered on that promise through the hard work and dedication of students and staff, the involvement of parents, and the commitment of supporters. As our community works together toward our common goals, we will continue to provide the very best for our students and focus on providing a college-ready model that includes our unique "3 As" approach in ACADEMICS, ARTS and ATHLETICS. We believe these opportunities greatly enrich the lives of our students and prepare them for success in a diverse society.

Our goal is that each scholar is fit not only to attend, compete, and graduate from a top college or university, but also to effect change as leaders within the communities they will live and serve.

ICEF's Core Strengths

  • Community trust: ICEF was founded by families as one of LA’s first charters to serve a primarily African American community; today, it is more diverse, yet continues to foster
    and build strong ties with its original community. ICEF is still one of the most predominately African American networks in California and operates three of the highest percentage African-American schools in the state;
  • Integrated academics and social emotional learning: ICEF is “ahead of the curve” in investing in social emotional learning because of its strong understanding of the unique strengths, culture, and ambitions of the students and families it serves;
  • Student support: ICEF provides high levels of support to students through a personalized, family atmosphere that builds confidence – to and through college and career.