Online Enrollment

Welcome to ICEF Public Schools – Every Step Counts, Every Dream Achieved! 
At ICEF Public Schools, we are dedicated to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow, empowering students to embody integrity, and fostering a commitment to championing equity. Our mission is to enrich not only the lives of our students but also the communities and the world they inhabit.
A Culture of Excellence:
Our middle schools boast a vibrant culture that places the utmost importance on safety, inclusion, diversity, kindness, thoughtfulness, and hard work. We believe in creating an environment where every student can thrive academically and personally.
Early College Exposure:
ICEF Public Schools take pride in introducing students to the world of higher education at an early age. By encouraging them to dream big, we pave the way for their access, belonging, and success in higher education, careers, and life beyond the classroom.
Social-Emotional Development and Support:
Recognizing the unique challenges of adolescence, we prioritize positive social-emotional development. With a dedicated counselor per grade level and a low student-to-staff ratio, we ensure that students receive the support they need to navigate their learning and development.
Enroll for the Next School Year – It's Easy!
To apply for the school year 2024-25, follow these simple steps:
1.Click the "Enroll With Us" button below.
2.Sign up or create an account using your email or cell phone number on Schoolmint.
(You can also use your Google or Facebook account for quick access!)
3.Add parent/guardian(s) and student information.
4.Choose the year, grade level, and school for your application.
5.Answer a few quick questions (like "How Did You Hear About Us?").
6.Click "Submit."
You'll receive a confirmation via text/email once your application is successfully submitted.
For current families applying for a sibling:
1.Sign in to your Schoolmint account.
2.Click "Add a New Student."
3.Follow the steps above to submit an application for the sibling.