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Since the beginning of ICEF Public Schools, the Visual and Performing Arts Department has been an integral part of the whole school curriculum. A comprehensive and vibrant arts program is essential to providing a prodigious education that helps students to explore their talents. This program dedicates itself to building creative, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

The mission of the ICEF Visual and Performing Arts Department is: "To prepare students to compete in top arts colleges as culturally aware, critical thinkers and creative problem solvers who employ imagination and integrity." This mission was founded on the need for expression through the arts and for an understanding of visual communication in contemporary society.

All kindergarten through 5th grade students are required to take arts classes. Middle and high school students are offered a wide array of visual and performing arts classes from which to choose. All arts classes start with the foundations of art language. The goal of preparing students to attend the top arts colleges is achieved through educating and preparing students for the many creative industries available.


Strategic Partnerships

Present partners include The J. Paul Getty Museum, LA County Arts Commission, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Pacific Asian Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA, Inner City Arts, NASCO, LA Commons, South Bay Contemporary gallery, Sound Art, Choice Group, Education Through Music

Past corporate sponsor - Utrecht Art Supplies


ICEF Arts Education Team

ICEF Innovation LA

  • Visual Arts: Amiekoleh Usafi

ICEF View Park Prep Charter Elementary School

  • Visual Arts: Karina Yanez
  • Dance: Tashara Gavin-Moorehead

ICEF View Park Prep Middle School

  • Visual Arts: Rosalinda Leal 

ICEF View Park Prep High School

  • Performing Arts: Jerod Fish
  • Music Production: Sebastien Elkoby
  • Visual arts: Chloe Palmer 

ICEF Vista Elementary Charter Academy

  • Visual Arts: Brooke Sauer

ICEF Vista Middle Charter Academy

  • Visual Arts: Kevin Peanh​​​​​​

ICEF Inglewood Elementary Charter Academy

  • Visual Arts: Cindy Harrison