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  1. Chess Club
  2. Fun Club: 2-5 math
  3. Lego Engineering Club
  4. Performing  Arts 

At ICEF View Park Preparatory Elementary School, our clubs are more than extracurricular activities; they are gateways to imagination, collaboration, and skill development.

Chess Club: Where strategy meets camaraderie, our Chess Club invites students to the exciting world of chess. Sharpen your mind, learn critical thinking, and enjoy friendly matches in an environment buzzing with intellect and friendly competition.

Fun Club (Math 2-5): Math becomes an adventure in our Fun Club! Designed for grades 2-5, this club transforms numbers into exciting puzzles, challenges, and games. Dive into the world of mathematics where learning is interactive, engaging, and, above all, fun!

Lego Engineering Club: Build, create, and innovate in our Lego Engineering Club! Unleash your creativity and problem-solving skills as you construct unique structures and explore the limitless possibilities of engineering. From simple designs to complex inventions, the Lego Engineering Club is where imagination takes flight.

Performing Arts: Lights, camera, action! Our Performing Arts club is a stage where talents shine. Whether you’re passionate about acting, singing, or dancing, this club provides a platform to express your creativity. Develop confidence, teamwork, and presentation skills in a supportive and encouraging environment.