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  1. Language Arts
  2. Leader in Me Framework 

At ICEF View Park Preparatory Elementary School, we redefine education with our exceptional academic programming.

Language Arts: Dive into the world of words and imagination with our comprehensive Language Arts curriculum. From reading comprehension to creative writing, we cultivate a love for language, empowering students to express themselves eloquently and confidently.

Leader in Me Framework: We don't just teach subjects; we nurture leaders. Our innovative Leader in Me Framework is the cornerstone of our academic programming. Rooted in leadership principles, it infuses every lesson, shaping resilient, responsible, and compassionate individuals. We don't just prepare students for the future; we prepare them to lead it.

At ICEF View Park, education is not just about knowledge; it's about character, creativity, and confidence. Join us, where traditional academic excellence meets transformative leadership education. Together, we pave the way for a future where every child is prepared to excel and make a difference.