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Principal's Message

Greetings ICEF Innovation Families,
Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!
It is going to be an amazing school year! Last year we saw some normalcy return to our campus, after
experiencing virtual learning for most of the year. Our students did experience some learning loss during the
time we were engaged in both virtual and hybrid learning, but we did see some student growth and will work
even harder this year, to ensure that all of our students show movement towards grade level performance.
Attendance is going to be a key component to student success. Last year our chronic absenteeism numbers
grew, and while some of this absenteeism can be attributed to COVID, there were several absences non
COVID related. Students should be in attendance every day. This will ensure they get the learning they need to
show the progress we are aiming for. With the continued support of our families and community partners and
the hard work and dedication of our staff and students, we will be able to reach all goals that we set for

New this year, we have added two additional classes. We now have one additional 4 th and one
additional 5 th grade classroom. This means that we now have two classrooms per grade level and can ensure
that all students who wish to matriculate to the next grade, has the space to do so. We also have new staff
members. Ms. Lopez, Kindergarten, Ms. Axilbund, 1 st grade, Ms. Nettles 2 nd grade, Mrs. Noble and Ms.
Orozco, 3 rd grade, Ms. Devoy 4 th grade, and Ms. Cannon 5 th grade. Mr. Long looped with his class and is now
teaching 2 nd grade, and Ms. Davies did the same; moving from 3 rd to 4 th grade. Ms. Ancheta moved from 2 nd to
1 st and is now engaging our students with more of the fundamentals. Ms. Usafi moved back into her position as
Art teacher after severing our Kindergarten students for a year. We also welcome, Ms. Rivera as our clerk, Ms.
Alva and Ms. Robi as Instructional Aides, Ms. Patterson as an Intervention Specialist, and Mr. Patton as a
Campus Aide. These fantastic new staff members, along with our wonderful returning staff are sure to make an
impact on our scholars, and they are ready and willing to ensure Excellence for all!

We welcome you and look forward to a great school year!

Leslie Shaw-McGee