Enrollment Process for Students with Disabilities

ICEF Public Schools encourages all students to enroll in our Charter School. We believe in all students and setting them on a transformational journey towards success. During the enrollment process, we do not request any records prior to enrollment and all students receive a fair and equitable opportunity to join our ICEF family.
Once a member of our ICEF family, all placement and continuum of service decisions are made collectively as an IEP team. We do not encourage a pupil to disenroll unless there is basis due to a suspension or expulsion. Once a part of our ICEF family, we hope all students stay a part of our ICEF family!
Additionally, we do not discriminate or discourage enrollment based on disability or any of the following characteristics: achievement scores, economic disadvantage, English learner, ethnicity, foster youth, homeless, nationality, neglected, race, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression in our enrollment procedures, educational programs, services, or any other programming that is provided for our students.
If you feel that your child did not receive a fair chance of enrolling in our school or that your child was encouraged to disenroll or transfer to another school based on placement opportunities, we encourage you to reach out to Shelby Pealer, Director of Special Education, to discuss your concerns ([email protected]).
Per Education Code Section 47605(d)(4), you may alternatively file a Charter School Complaint Form and submit it to our authorizing agency if you suspect that we are in violation of this code. Please see the forms on the right hand side, the links below, or feel free to contact us at any time and we would be happy to provide you with the form.
Additional Information:
Does your child attend ICEF Inglewood Elementary Charter Academy?
If yes, use IUSD form.
Does your child attend ICEF Innovation, View Park or Vista Schools?
If yes, use LAUSD form.