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After School Program

Chris Stephens Site Coordinator

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  • This month in After-School our knight scholars will be exploring their reading and writing abilities through different enrichments that focuses on literacy. The students will have the opportunity to learn of the importance of reading and how it impacts their daily skill set in different studies in education. The students will also be able to celebrate reading through socials and recognition of famous writers.


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    Club Schedule:

    Monday & Wednesday

    Tk/Kinder: Spanish Club

    1st grade: Arts’n’ Craft

    2nd grade: Sign Language

    3rd grade: Astro World

    4th grade: Theatre

    5th-A grade: Science Club

    5th-B grade: Jewelry Club


    Tuesday Thursday

     Tk/Kinder: Jedi Academy  

    1st grade: Sing-A- Long

    2nd grade: Educational Learning

    3rd grade: Young Influencers

    4th grade: Theatre

    5th-A grade: Basketball

    5th-B grade: Dance