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We believe in the power of strong teachers, leaders, and support staff in serving our kids, families and community with our eyes on our mission.  ICEF is a community of individuals committed to a common purpose, and united by our Core Values of Commitment, Community, Equity and Growth.

COMMITMENT: ICEF employees are committed to the ICEF academic approach, the wider ICEF community and work diligently toward our vision.

COMMUNITY: ICEF employees deeply value community, whether it be the community we are part of in our organization, the communities we serve everyday, or the wider community that exists on our planet.  ICEF employees are able to collaborate with others in different settings, and among diverse perspectives and identities.

EQUITY: ICEF employees are committed to providing opportunities for all students, focused on equity, and will consistently reflect on the classroom and school conditions to ensure we are able to close the educational opportunity gap for our students.

GROWTH: ICEF employees are goal-driven, strive to improve their practice, and seek feedback to help them grow. ICEF employees are able to push forward through challenges to achieve results for all students.
How educators benefit from working at ICEF: 
  • A close community and familial environment
  • Commitment to professional development and support by instructional coaches and professional learning communities
  • Growth mindset for all 
  • Commitment to observation and consistent feedback and support through Teacher Effectiveness Framework (TEF)
  • Competitive salary, with clear ways to increase each year
  • Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision benefits
How our students benefit: 
  • Quality educators can have a direct impact on the lives of our students through quality instruction and support
  • Committed educators collaborating for the benefit of every child
  • System of support from faculty, staff, and families who help them succeed in school, college, and beyond.

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Teaching Positions (Current and 2023-24 school years)

Teacher Residency Program

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Career Paths at ICEF 

We believe in providing our employees clear paths, and real opportunities, to grow and to explore new opportunities to support our kids and families and pursue our mission. 


Around 8% of our current teaching staff were once Instructional Aides and the percentage will likely grow as we continue to work with programs such as Alder Graduate School of Education.  Close to 70% of our school leadership staff were once ICEF teachers.  ICEF employees receive regular professional development, and opportunities to collaboratively learn and connect across our network and beyond.


Current Programs in place to provide employees with expanded opportunities include:

  • Alder Graduate School of Education - Offering current ICEF employees and ICEF community members an opportunity to obtain a Teaching Credential and a Master's degree in one year.
  • Brandeis Teacher Leadership Program - Offering select ICEF teachers an opportunity to engage in a one-year program to build leadership skills and pursue fieldwork at their ICEF school site while doing so.
  • Induction (through LACOE) - Offering ICEF teachers an opportunity to clear their California Preliminary Credential through the
  • Rivet - Offering current ICEF employees an opportunity to obtain a BA through a project-based course schedule with multiple Major options.
  • Teacher Leadership opportunities - At ICEF we believe in the power of distributed leadership, and the importance of providing opportunities for teachers to lead. With this in mind, we offer for teachers opportunities to engage and grow as teacher leaders in various ways from leading grade level and/or content area teams, to leading arts and/or athletics initiatives, to developing and facilitating professional development, and more.


New Teacher Support


Teaching can be tough.  We recognize that and want to support our new teachers from the day they sign their offer.  With this in mind, for the 2023-24 school year, we will be provide all new teachers with on-site mentors, and regular newsletters with resources to use, self-care workshops and tools, and quarterly social opportunities.