Who We're Looking For

At ICEF Public Schools, we believe that the most significant factor in whether or not a child is successful in school is teacher quality.  Our goal is to recruit, develop, and retain a strong team of effective teachers who believe in the ICEF mission and are committed long-term to our students and families. 

At ICEF we are looking for candidates with the following characteristics:

  1. Belief in all students - ICEF teachers are committed to providing opportunities for all students, focused on equity, and will consistently reflect on the classroom and school conditions to ensure we are able to close the educational opportunity gap for our students. 
  2. Commitment to the mission of ICEF Public Schools - ICEF teachers are committed to the ICEF academic approach, the wider ICEF community and work diligently toward our vision.
  3. Demonstrated leadership and continued achievement - ICEF teachers are able to collaborate with others in many settings, and join ICEF having demonstrated measurable success in previous roles or environments.
  4. Growth mindset - ICEF teachers are goal-oriented, strive to improve their practice, and seek feedback to help them grow.
  5. Persistence - ICEF teachers are able to push forward through challenges to achieve results for all students. 
  6. Respect for diverse experiences of individuals - ICEF teachers are able to work collaboratively and effectively with people from a variety of backgrounds.