At ICEF Public Schools, we believe in providing all students with varied, purposeful, and transformative experiences inside and outside of the classroom, ensuring they build connections, have exposure to a wider world, and boost self-confidence.


Athletics is core to our mission and the Physical Education and Interscholastic Sports programs are interwoven to provide students with the best opportunities. Physical activity, exercise, and wellness are essential to every students' experience. Whether through physical education or participation in a sport, the goal is for each student to develop an appreciation for an active lifestyle, good character, and a positive self-image. While teaching skills and strategies specific to each sport or activity, an emphasis is placed on:


  • Lifelong habits that contribute to being a well-rounded person
  • Team building and sportsmanship
  • Development of leadership skills
  • Cooperation among peers
The program also challenges students to raise their fitness levels and develop an understanding of the relationship between fitness and lifelong wellness.

Athletics offerings across ICEF schools:


Our Physical Education curriculum exposes all students to a variety of sports. These athletics offerings are in addition to the core curriculum.


Elementary Schools Middle Schools High School
Spirit/Cheer Team Basketball Baseball
Dance Flag Football   Boys and Girls Basketball
Lacrosse Lacrosse Cheer
Flag Rugby Flag and Tackle Rugby Dance
Swimming Sailing Football
Zumba Volleyball Boys and Girls Rugby
Soccer Academy Sailing
ICEF Intramural Tournaments
Basketball, Flag Football, Golf, Lacrosse, Rugby, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball
Track & Field
Girls Volleyball
Project-based learning course using action sports to promote leadership (skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing)
*Offerings may vary from school to school