At ICEF Public Schools, we believe in providing all students with varied, purposeful and transformative experiences inside and outside of the classroom, ensuring they build connections, have exposure to a wider world, and boost self-confidence.


As an athlete at ICEF Public Schools, our students build leadership characteristics and relationships for life.


Athletics Offerings across ICEF schools:

Our Physical Education curriculum exposes all students to a variety of sports. These athletics offerings are in addition to the core curriculum. Offerings may vary from school to school.


Elementary Schools Middle Schools High School
Spirit/Cheer Team Basketball Baseball
Dance Flag Football   Boys and Girls Basketball
Rugby Lacrosse Cheer
Swimming Rugby Dance
Zumba Sailing Football
  Volleyball Boys and Girls Rugby
    Track & Field
Soccer Academy (5th-8th Grade) Girls Volleyball
ICEF Intramural Tournaments (5th-8th Grades):
Basketball, Flag Football, Golf, Rugby, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball
STOKED (6th-12th Grades):
Project based learning course using action sports to promote leadership (skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing)