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View Park High School
SHALLAE’S EXPERIENCE AT VIEW PARK AS A STUDENT Shallae Geddes-Pentard attended ICEF View Park Preparatory High during the 2012-2013 school year. Although Geddes only attended View Park for one year, she was already familiar with ICEF having previously attended Lou Dantzler High School for her first three years until its closing. Overall, Geddes enjoyed attending View Park and said the school was family oriented with teachers who made learning fun. She states, “It was a different feeling, it felt different than any other school I went to because they actually cared about my education”.
POST-HIGHSCHOOL After graduating from View Park, Geddes attended Xavier University in Louisiana where she majored in Bio PreMedicine and faced some challenges throughout her freshman year. The transition from living in California all of her life to traveling across the country to Louisiana was an experience all within itself. Along with trying to adjust to her new home, Geddes overworked herself, working three jobs to put herself through school. Approaching the completion of her freshman year, Geddes decided to change her major to Forensic Science which led to her transferring to Arizona State University the following school year.
WHERE IS SHE NOW? After graduating from Arizona State, Geddes then decided she wanted to become a teacher. She finds fulfillment in being able to help and educate a young person’s mind. She realized how important it was for her to have the opportunity to help students the best way she could. Geddes came back to View Park High where she now teaches Algebra 1. Ms. Geddes has found a love for teaching and feels that she is already making an impact on our students’ lives. We are very proud of Ms. Geddes for all she has accomplished thus far and are extremely excited to see what she has in store for our students!
ICEF Vista Middle Charter Academy
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Holy Name University, Oakland
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Albion University, Michigan