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CEO's Message

Dear ICEF Family,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to a new school year! Our ICEF teachers and staff are fresh off a couple of weeks of professional development that included Summer Institute 2018, where we come together, as on organization, to prepare.

Last year, we introduced Excellence for All, which was marked by a higher level of coaching and training for our critically important teachers and staff. As a result of intense hard work, collaboration, and continual learning, I am proud to report that ICEF Public Schools showed the most Academic improvement in our near 20-year history! Congratulations to all for helping our students take a giant leap toward excellence.

As we build upon and continue the success of last year’s higher level of coaching and support, we are excited to add a new area of focus for our schools – Equity, Literacy and Numeracy. Here, everyone at ICEF will help one another to see the subtle ways in which access and opportunity are distributed unequally, and then explore ways to equalize access. This work will go hand in hand with our relentless pursuit of Excellence in reading, writing and mathematics across all disciplines.

In addition, we introduce Embrace The Mind: A Comprehensive Mental Wellness Initiative. This focus embodies our commitment to being aware of and addressing the mental health needs of our students, our families, and ourselves. As we make progress toward creating better environments for academics, arts & athletics, it has become more evident that mental health remains a significant barrier for many of our students to access the educational opportunities that we provide for them. Therefore, we must work to remove all barriers to learning, even the ones that do not originate within our school walls. The first step is awareness. We will embark upon that journey, through Education, this year. 

Implemented, these areas of focus will continue to drive forward our mission to prepare all students to attend and compete at the top 100 colleges and universities in the nation.

Here’s to a fantastic 2018-2019 school year! 


Parker Hudnut, CEO

ICEF Public Schools