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Adopt-A-School Cause

This year, ICEF teachers were asked: If your school could have one additional program tailored to your students’ needs, what would that special program be? After considerable thought, educators representing each of our schools submitted the following suggestions.

If you, someone you know, or even your employer through the matching gift program, wish to adopt one of these dreams, please contact: Parker Hudnut, ICEF CEO, at 323.290. 6900 or email: phudnut@icefps.org.

School Project Description Cost
ICEF Inglewood Elementary Charter Academy 21st Century Learning Needs on two campuses: Computers, computer carts, teaching station with screen and LCD projector, Smart Boards with Smart Response System $50,000
ICEF Inglewood Middle Charter Academy 21st Century Learning Needs: 30 Mac computers, 1 Mac Cart, Printer $46,000
ICEF View Park Preparatory Elementary School 21st Century Learning Needs: 35 computers, 1 Mac Cart, Printer $46,000
ICEF View Park Preparatory Middle School LuLa Washington Dance Theatre Year-Round Residency $7,500
ICEF View Park Preparatory High School SmartLab 2.0 STEM Program: fully integrated classroom system with 160 laptops, 8 video cameras, 8 Smart Boards with Smart Response, 2 Green Screens, Professional Staff Development. $25,000
@4 years
*ICEF Vista Academy E.L. Achieve: Helping All Learners Succeed Through English Language Arts Initiative $28,000
College Readiness Department Fully equipped College Readiness Centers at ICEF High School with laptop computers, wireless printers, Smart Boards as well as furnished research and presentation space. $25,000
Counseling and Student Services Department F.A.S.T. Parent Academy (Families and Students Together) monthly parent workshops covering topics relevant to student success. $19,000