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Emmanuel Velasco: Information Technology

     Emmanuel Velasco is an IT Support Technician here at ICEF Public Schools. More specifically, he is assigned to the View Park Schools providing technical support to all staff members. Whether it’s taking apart a Chromebook, installing software, cloning devices, or simply helping a teacher open that troublesome Excel spreadsheet, he’s here to provide solutions to those in need.


     Prior to joining ICEF and the View Park team, he was finishing up a B.S. in Information Systems from CSULA. The education he received laid the foundation and provided him with the skillset necessary to jump head first in the K-12 environment. It also helped him develop the discipline needed to continuously learn and stay up to date in a fast-paced I.T. world. When he’s not scratching his head as to why a device won’t turn on, or why a printer won’t connect to the network, Emmanuel is listening to quality music and enjoying time with family and friends.